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Just 10 minutes away from Bremen, Delmenhorst is a great daytrip for a sunny day. It’s also a great place to bring your bike. There are many clearly marked bike trails throughout the city, some running parallel to the little brooks that lead down to the fabulous city park.

Enjoy Some Ice Cream on Your Way Into Town
From the train station, walk down Bahnhofstraße right into the shopping district of the city. Bahnhofstraße comes to an intersection with Langenstraße and this is the main shopping street. Enjoy the ice cream cafes and restaurants along with the normal German stores.

To the right of the shopping district there was a construction site around a pavilion. It seems that this area is normally a walkway directly across the street to the city park. Be assured that the park is not too far away from the downtown area. I did see a few signs, so try to follow the arrows and if all else fails, look for the Hotel am Stadtpark, which is a clear sign that you are close at hand.

Concentrically Constructed Park
The city park is unique in that there is an island in the middle, and concentric rings of land around it. The area seemed quite removed from the city, and it was nice to sit and relax in the sun. There were plenty of benches and also nice grassy areas to sit and enjoy the weather.

Textile Museum
Enjoy the beautiful town and then head back to the train station and head out of the back doors, turn right and walk straight for about 5 minutes to the Fabrikmuseum Nordwolle Delmenhorst. This is an old wool factory turned museum. The city museum is adjacent to the Nordwolle building. The museums are located in the campus of the old factory. Inside, one can see the old mill equipment, as well as the history of the many immigrant workers in Delmenhorst, the history of the mill during WWII, and the story of the family who owned the factory and lived next door. Unfortunately, the museum is completely in German, so I would recommend this attraction mainly to German speaking tourists.

How to get there: Trains run from the Bremen train station twice an hour. The trip lasts between 9 and 14 minutes, depending on which rail line you take.

Great things: Easy trip from Bremen and perfect for an easy walking afternoon or a bike ride.

Date of visit: June 6, 2006

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